This might seem like a silly question, as blogging does seem to have taken over as the method of choice for people’s personal webpages.

But what about for a church’s website? Surely a blog is not professional enough and does not portray the right image?

Certainly, this can be the case, but consider a static website that has not been updated, a blog can also look stale, but because it facilitates contributions, even people without programming experience or expensive software can update it.

With WordPress, which is essentially a content management system, multiple users with different permissions can have access to a site to edit or create content.

For the church website that I have been working on I felt that the advantages of using a blogging platform out-weighed the disadvantages. I have then sought to make changes to tailor the website for a church. For instance, making sure that the message visitors see straight away gives them the information that they need.

Future posts will look at the changes that can be made and the changes that I have made.