Well, yes. Consider the following points:

  • Users: This point deserves to be covered in detail, but in general someone reading a blog is looking for something thought-provoking and interesting to read. Whereas a visitor to a church website could looking for something to read, but is more likely looking for information (as if the site was any corporate website).
  • Aims: Assuming the aim of the blog is not a private journal, then usually, the aim of a blog would be to increase readership and to retain the readers (this would be the case even if it aimed to generate advertising revenue). Whereas a church website’s aim is to give visitors enough help to enable them to make a decision to visit the church or to give visitors information if they are regular attenders.
  • Layout: A blog shows the most recent post at the top and for visitors to stay and read more, the first few lines need to engage the reader. But for church website, static information about the church would probably be more important as this is likely to be the information seekers are looking for. Whereas regular visitors to the church’s website would have (slightly) more tolerance to search for the weekly schedule or other timely information.

The users of church’s website need to be considered in detail, but it can be seen that there are important differences to the way blogs and church websites can and should be laid out.