Update: See the comments for information regarding a myspace verse of the day plugin

Perhaps one of the most common items seen on chuch website, is a verse of the day. But rather than having to change manually, there is wordpress plugin that can do this automatically.

Verse of the day takes the verse from various RSS bible verse feeds and incorporates into the wordpress site. It can be placed anywhere and changes each day. It caches the verse so that the feed is only read once every 24 hours.

This plugin (and others like it) add a little dynamism to the site, with little effort. This can be a good thing, but obviously there is a danger that a website will lose its human feel. Website visitors are well aware of these ‘tricks’, for instance having the current date and time printed after a ‘last updated tag’.

Therefore, church websites should avoid too many of these items, but one or two discerningly added can be acceptable.

Obviously, the most important thing is that the website is updated regularly with relevant content.