For a standard blog, the author creates an article or comments on another article and provides a link. Feedback by visitors is then facilitated by the commenting and trackback mechanism. This allows the author and readers to enter into a dialogue.

But for a church website, while the commenting might be important when someone wants to identify a change in the schedule or correct a mistake, the commenting system would tend to be less important. This is because visitors may want to ask more general questions or perhaps do not want their comments or questions made public. Therefore it is important for church websites to provide another way for visitors to ask questions or give feedback.

WordPress does not, by default provide a reply form but any admistrator could make their email available for visitors. However, this has the unfortunate side-effect of inviting spam or unsolicited email. It is better to keep any email addresses private. One solution is to use a comment form on a contact page. One that can be recommended is Contact Form ][. It is easy to insert in posts or pages and customise by changing the CSS.