This tip has less to do with church websites, but to do with blogging method.

Whenever a post is published the a ping is sent to to let the updating services know that there is something new. Unfortunately, when a post is edited the updating service is pinged again on save. So that if a spelling mistake is noticed or a URL needs updating, this will result in a new ping. The reason that this is a problem is because if a pinging service receives overly-frequent updates, the website could be banned for spamming.

The smart update pinger solves this problem by only pinging update services when new posts are published, rather than on edits.

It does not require and configuration options and saves a considerable amount of worry about been banned for spamming.

The reason that blogging method is refered to above, is that different bloggers blog with verying techniques. Some do not update posts, but rather show corrections in the comments. Some are more careful about spelling mistakes. However, no matter how carefully you preview a post, mistakes only seem to show when the publish button is pushed.