One question that gets asked is, ‘do we need to present the Gospel message on the church’s website?’ Because many Christian websites do not have this, let alone church websites.

When we consider the users of the church’s website, we can see that for attendees of the church already and for Christians moving to the area, the gospel message would be superfluous. Although it would show exactly where the church stood on some issues.

However, it would be most relevant for non-Christians visiting the site. We know that any opportunity to present the gospel should be taken and that, in many ways, it cannot do harm to have the message there. But the church website is the gateway to the church and is not meant to replace it. The website is to encourage people to visit the church and to meet the people, rather than replace it.

Unlike a normal Christian blog, a church website does not stand on its own, it is meant to draw people to the church and should clearly identify people within the church that can be contacted if needed. But that is no reason to hold information back from anyone.

Experience has shown that getting church members and even church council members to co-operate with the church’s website can be difficult. However, if someone offers to write a concise gospel message than perhaps it should be included. But as important as church webmasters might like to imagine their websites are, it is God who speaks and who opens hearts to his message.