For a church website blog, it may be thought that search engine placements are not particularly important. For example, if someone in the church’s neighbourhood receives a letter through the door with the church’s web address on it, they will not need a search engine to find it. Alternatively, current church members will see the web address on the weekly circular or bulletin and use that to find the site (if they remember where they put their bulletin).

However, this precludes our final group of users, those people moving to the area and looking for a church. They will probably use the internet to find candidate churches to visit, by reading about local churches and deciding on the most suitable. They will probably search for ‘church’ + place name on an internet search engine.

How can we ensure that for these types of searches the website at least figures in the results?

Well, it is important that for the places that your church wishes to attract worshippers, it shows these on its pages. Of course, the church might already have a placename in its name e.g. ‘Anytown Evangelical Church’ and as a consequence have ‘Anytown’ in its URL and name. These things will help, but it is important to have a statement which says which areas members come from.

This will ensure that the church at least figures somewhere in the results. Later we will look at trying to improve the position.