There is a tendency for trainee webmasters, not just church website editors, to be a little narrow minded when he comes to writing content for their site. For any writing it is important to to keep the reader in mind, but that is especially important for a church website. When considering the content of a church website blog, it should be considered in the same way as content for the weekly circular or for announcement during a service.

This is because the webmaster must not only take account of his or her views, but must also make sure that what is written does not misrepresent the church. Even if a statement is made and the writer states that it is their own opinion, it will still be read by some to be the views of the church.

This is why the church website should be kept entirely for church business, even if this means relatively few pages. Make it represent only the church.

But there is a second point and that is for church blogs that do have writing or articles (say the Pastor or Minister has a side-blog). It is really important that there demonstrate good biblical discipline. In that comments and ideas are researched, just like if they were used in a sermon. Make sure that the words are rooted in the Bible and are not just someones opinion. A blog can be archived by a user (e.g. Google Cache) and anything, even if it were taken down could be damaging to the writer’s reputation even if the posting was an error.

Read, test and read again. This should be done for all content. And make sure the congregation is reading your writing, other people are the best hope to find errors.