An interesting point for churches in general and possibly church websites, is how a church is represented to the community in general. What happens if a church officer or member is misquoted in the local press. The last thing a church needs is for a battle to develop between local journalists and a church.

However, a church website could be used as a noticeboard to set the record straight. But should a church enter into a dialogue, or should a church doing God’s work expect opposition?

A journalist should always research an article, but if there is no information available then it is harder for them to do their job. By having jargon free information about the church on its website, a church can be ready for any research whether it be from a journalist or potential visitor.

But what happens when critical articles are published? An unnamed church is experiencing bad publicity and is inexperienced in handling it. There are some interesting and useful comments to this article for churches that do not have an experienced PR officer.