There is an article here on a student who is doing some research for their dissertation. Part of it includes looking at ‘emerging church’ blogs. I have no idea what the emerging church is, even after reading a definition on the wikipedia, but they make some interesting points.

The main point is to do with archiving the posts that are made on a blog. Instead of having posts placed in context on a page, make them understandable on their own. I.e. put the full date, not just the time on a post. This makes it easier for a user to examine, reference and find.

So the relevance to blogs is obvious, but what about general church websites?

General church websites include news relating to events, and information related to the time of the event. Instead of putting, ‘meeting this Thursday’, put the actual date. Then if people see the message they know for definate when the meeting is, and do not need to worry that the message is out of date and not corrected. This applies to church bulletins as much as websites.

  • Instead of ‘Next Thursday’ use ‘Thursday 25 August 2006’
  • Instead of ‘This week’ use ‘Week beginning 04 September 2006’
  • Instead of ‘Tomorrow’ use the actual day