Following on from the post yesterday, another website has been touted as the myspace for churches. It is, and it enables churches to build communities in a social networking context. It also allows importation of feed URLs (e.g. from a church or pastor’s blog), creation of bulletins or newsletters and facilitates the sharing of information by allowing multimple users. There is no advertising, but it does not appear to do anything that wordpress cannot do, and I cannot find any churches that are using it yet (although some churches have addresses up).

The other problem is that it prevents the addition of non-USA churches, e.g. UK or Canada, which means that it is useless for me. But presumably this will change.

It remains to be seen if it takes off in a big way. But if it does then people may use it to find churches in the area, or an area that they are moving to. For instance, use a site like this to judge how active a church is, before trying it out.

This would make it important for churches who wished to make themselves known, to register and use. If they just used it to make a link to their main church website and imported the feed from their church wordpress blog, this would still be beneficial.