A bishop has requested that church members refrain for a period of 40 days from reading blogs or web logs.

He writes;

I find myself growing weary of those who hide behind masks of anonymity. The damage inflicted by half-truths and outright lies has taken a far greater toll on the mission of the Church than any erroneous teaching

He is refering to specific cases when rumour or opinion is passed off as fact by anonymous bloggers. He believes that his congregation can or will be corrupted by reading these blogs and has asked them to spend the time they would have done this, praying.

He makes an interesting point, and as church bloggers, we need to act with the same integrity that we would act if speaking publically on issues or giving opinions. That is why I do not necessarily think it is a good idea to give all-comers an opportunity to give opinions on the church website. As it is an official representation of the church and as such should be protected from abuse.