An article in Christianity today looks at volunteer burn out and the problems that it can bring. Keeping Leaders Aflame is written by someone who appears to have a fair bit of experience of it.

It examines the problem when leaders do not respect or understand their volunteers because they are so happy to have their help It also looks at how to prevent problems building up.

Preventing volunteers taking on too much can, in the long run, be better. Because the person who takes on the bulletin/website/worship/youthwork cannot last long, and may end up being unable to do anything or even leave the church to escape.

This is kind of poignant for me, as my wife was pretty irritated as I tried to complete the church bulletin and set up the computer projector before we left for church on Sunday morning, when she wanted to have a nice breakfast as a family together.

There must be something wrong when people do not have time for their quiet times because they are so busy trying to fit in church things.