The (unamed) author of the following piece entitled, Keeping the faith, looks at 8 practical ways of refreshing your faith. The artical boils it done to keeping Jesus in the forefront of your mind, but they suggest some other interesting ways;

One suggestion is blogging. They suggest that by blogging about their daily life and interactions, they naturally assess what they have done in the light of their faith.

This though, is really an extension of letting the people arounf you know you are a Christian. It adds accountability which is very important for Christians.

Blogging however, is semi-anonymous at best, so there is an element of phonyism with what is written unless the people reading it also know you as a person. On the otherhand, unlike a written diary, people can make comments and that can have its own benefits.

I do not think blogging at the expense of reading the bible (word of God) is a long term faith-building solution.