Each year we attend Spring Harvest or other Christian conference/holiday type events. And each year I go to the Christian bookstore and wonder if I should buy a Software version of the bible. I usually decide against it, because of the expense and because of the extra expense of buying the bible translations that I want, (Good News, NIV, TNIV).

However, now a new solution is arising, the eBible is an online version of the bible with some nifty integration of commentaries are dictionaries. Of course, this is nothing a software version of the bible cannot do, but it is useful to have it available online, at whatever computer I am at.

It has improved enormously, since the alpha launch and is actually quite usuable. At the moment there are limited translations, e.g. no NIV. However, if the range of books and translations were increased, I might actually pay for this.

With a few more customisable options (e.g. typefaces, verse numbering, column width), a speed improvement and a few more translations this could become a must use tool.