One of the aims of a church website is to put the church out there, so that people can find it when either they are looking for it, or when they are just looking for a church. Ideally, when people type the church’s name into a search engine, it should bring the church up as the top result and when people search for churches in a certain area (your area) the same thing should happen.

But how can we make sure this happens?

The wordpress codex, which is a reference for wordpress users, contains substantial information about making your wordpress website ready for google. So use this as a reference. But there are other things to do;

And using wordpress in the first place means that the site is already fairly good for search engines (e.g. permalinks), but for churches the key is content. Writing regular news and information about the church and its activities is one of the best ways to get good listings.

Of course, the search engine needs to find the site first. And the best way to do this it to be linked to by a website that is already listed on google.

For example get listed on the Open Directory, which google uses to scan the web. There are lots of pages for churches of different types and areas. Choose the category most relevant and submitt it. There are also lots of church directorys on the web. I suggest you submitt your site when it is fully operational and see the response you can get. This includes websites for the particular denomination of your church, e.g. your national association web directory.

And finally, use your church membership. If any of the church staff or members have websites of their own, get them to link to the church and spread the word of your new site by putting the URL on church stationary.