There is an interesting article looking at the church and its desire to be culturally relevant and/or to culturally stand out or be unique from each other.

We sometimes forget that we are simply the stewards of a church history that dates back 2000 years. This is our run. This is our moment under the sun…but we need to seriously question the motives behind our statements that try to promote our uniqueness when compared to other churches.

I am all too aware of my uncoolness, I have always been uncool, even amongst the youth of my church. And to a certain extent, I found it frustrating that I did not conform to the stereotype of youth that the church had for me (outwardly enthusiastic etc.)

The writer of the above piece makes several points that I agree with, and I agree that we should not pretend that we are somehow different or special but called by God to be good stewards of his church and to respect one another in Christ.