How about this for an idea to attract people into the church: free chocolate?

Anyone who attends one of more than 20 East Lancashire Church of England churches this weekend will be given a goodie bag to show them a “warm welcome” – with the added sweetener.
The vicar behind the scheme said it showed the Church was in the “real world” and attempting to reach out to people.

Surely this is nothing more than a publicity stunt, aimed at raising awareness in local media, but does that really make this gimmick such a bad thing? I think that at least the churches in this area are trying to attract people to come through their doors.

I can think of a scenario when they run out of chocolate. People will feel quite disappointed, like when there is something on offer at the supermarket but the supermarket has run out. People feel cheated and tricked into attending.

Oh, but of course it is okay, the chocolate is fair trade.