One issue for wordpress church websites is that often the blog element (i.e. the reverse chronological news postings) are given prominence. It could be argued that this information on current events need not be shown so obviously, and could be pushed further down the page, or put on a separate page as it is not immediately relevant to new visitors. Returning visitors will have more tolerance to look for such information.

WordPress 2+ allows a wordpress blog to have a static first page and the blog on a page following this. This allows a more standard church website feel, while still benefiting from the wordpress content management system for organising the styling and organisation of the site.

The disadvantage of this, of course, is the danger that the front page becomes nothing more than a splash page, which users are now extremely adverse to if it holds no practical benefit. Or that the page never gets updated.

There are several plugins around that imitate this behaviour, but it is much better to upgrade to the latest wordpress and use the in-built feature. There is more information on the wordpress codex.