We attended another local church over the summer and they had used Comic Sans for the bulletin and the pastor had used it for the slides to do with his presentation. To be honest I found it pretty hard to concentrate on the message when confronted with this serious message.

I do not think it is ever appropriate for churches to use Comic Sans, not even for kid’s work as even new readers can find it had to comprehend.

Obviously fonts on the web is a whole other question as there are problems with compatibility and having the font on the other computer. But for the weekly news, or overhead projection screen there are more choices available.

I produce the church newsletter/bulletin and one of the first questions I had was regarding an appropriate typeface for this publication. I have settled on Palatino and Helvetica (for titles and headline bible quotes).

image of typefaces

But presumably other churches have chosen their own fonts. What fonts/typefaces have you seen in use?