Only since delving into the world of Christian blogging have I encountered the emergent or emerging church, but as yet I do not have a firm grasp on what it is. Perhaps that is to be expected.

The article on wikipedia entitled Emerging Church says;

Proponents of the emerging church embrace postmodernism and call the movement a “conversation” to emphasize its decentralized nature with contributions from people of a variety of beliefs.

I am thinking more and more about how my Christian religious beliefs fit into Christianity as a whole and all the talk and discussion of Reformed vs. Emergent theology, makes me wonder what the church I attend believes. The pastor of the church at which are members tells me that there is no formal statement of faith, only a vision, which is fairly brief and is clearly in line with the reformed agenda, but it is not altogether clear on some points. I expect my pastor has not even heard of emergent thinking.

I definitely think I will be discussing some points with the leadership this weekend as the more I read the more I am concerned. This is especially true in the light of the current series on Genesis 1-11 (more detail in another post).

This post is really just to say that I am struggling to understand these issues and that I want to dedicate more time to addressing these points.