The is an excellent write-up by Tim Challies on the risk to bloggers in general regarding possible litigation over what they write.

This is an important issue for Christian bloggers as they represent Christ and what they write reflects on this.

If your church has a blog and allows different people to post comment, then it is important to have guidlines on what can be written as even if potentially offensive content is removed, it may live on in the google cache.

I think Tim Challies makes an especially important point for Christian bloggers when he writes;

As Christians, we are called to a high standard–we are called to holiness. We are not to push the limits of what is decent and what is true, but to serve and to be a blessing to others. We are not to ask “Is this libelous? Will I be sued if I publish this?”, but we are to ask “Will this serve the person I am writing about? Will this serve the church? Will this bring glory to God? Will this defend the truth?”