The local churches of Swindon (Wiltshire, UK) are organising a speed-dating evening on 20 October. But rather than meeting potential mates, the attendees will meet representatives of the local churches.

Quote from the organisers website (Soul Connexion);

SoulConnexion is a new and wonderful opportunity to meet with people from ten differing Christian churches in the Swindon area to explore whether a relationship with one of them might suit you.
Ten different church communities each express their Christianity in ten different ways.
Why not give all of them the once over?

It is an interesting idea, and it would be interesting to see what kind of feedback is generated. I would have thought that it will be pretty hard to get people to attend, especially non-Christians, but they are charging potential congregants £6.50 for the privilege.

Perhaps local Christians who have moved to the area, or have not attended church for sometime could use the event to help them determine which local churches were offering. But meeting the minister in a hotel is unlikely to be an appropriate situation to assess a church, so at best it would probably only lead to attendees finding a church that they could try out on a Sunday. Which I suppose is no bad thing.