Here are some tips for improving the professionalism of bulletins or newsletter for churches.

Use ‘inverted’ “commas” and apos’trophes correctly and avoid straight quotes.
Nothing show a lack of care like titles with straight quotes in. Most word processors (Microsoft Word, writer, automatically convert straight quotes and wordpress itself converts straight quotes in posts.
Use Kerning
A less well known ability of word processors is the kerning function because it is not usually turned on by default. Kerning uses the information found in the font to adjust the space between pairs of letters, producing more readable copy. To use: Microsoft Word (Format -> Font -> Character Spacing -> Kerning for fonts) and Writer (Format -> Character -> Position -> Pair Kerning).
Avoid Mixed typefaces
There is a tendancy when someone new takes over the bulletin to try something new, and all those fonts installed on the computer can be very tempting. Try to avoid mixing type, using one type family is possible, or just using two. Consistency of typeface usage will enable your publication carve its place in people’s memories.
Avoid Comic sans
One typeface to avoid is MS Comic Sans, it was designed as a ‘fun’ font for children, but has spread like a virus. Your newsletter deserves better. If you want ‘fun’ there are better choices.
Avoid Excessive Capitalisation
When you use all caps, it looks like shouting, which in any publication just makes you look rude. If you must use all caps, then use sparingly.
Use Only One Exclamation Mark
One final point is sentences which end with multiple exclamation marks. You words speak for themselves, so if you must use an exclamation mark then use only one.

Some of these points are fairly basic, but get them right and the weekly bulletin will impress.

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