In Sydney, David Horne has been appointed the new Internet Evangelist for the church there. From January he will be using a website set up by the local diocese to reach technological savvy non-Christians.

He has several plans to reach out, and because this will be his full time job, hopes to be more successful than other similar projects.

When other churches have rushed to create an online evangelistic presence, there is the initial push, but then the sites tend to be static. There are of course, larger sites from Christian media organisations like UCB, but for a local church to have a full-time person to work in this way is interesting.

He is hopeful that because the project is firmly attached to an actual church and location and so people will more readily connect to it, rather than see it as impersonal propaganda.

More interestingly he wants to create a model for Christian evangelism, one that other churches and Christians could apply.

I have also searched for his blog, but he does not yet have one as far as I can see. Maybe he is missing a trick…

Found via: Sydney Morning Herald