On PRweb there is an article about Christians using their faith as a marketing tool. For instance, advertising themselves as Christian, so that other Christians would be more likely to use them as a sort of show of solidarity. Or because of perceived better business practices.

Out of 159 readers polled, 126 said that Christians should engage in marketing practices that let others know they are representing Christ. If a business is representing Christ then it is going to have integrity and honesty in its dealings. Many people prefer trading with Christian businesses for this reason. One reader said, “It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to become involved in a business that is run morally and ethically.” Christian advertising can be a beacon that shines brightly and attracts the lost.

I cannot imagine any large companies or organisations doing this, because they can never represent the views of all employees. Not least because of employment laws relating to religious discrimination preventing them from only employing one religious group. However for sole-traders or husband and wife partnerships, I suppose this is possible.

A valid point was made by one of the respondents to the survey when they said:

They had better make sure that they live up to the name if they do advertise like that.

However, if Christians were always worried about being bad examples of Christ, they would never share their faith.

Perhaps the more cynical approach is to market a business as Christian in Christian magazines and literature and make no mention of the faith of the owners of the business in other publications such as the yellow pages or general advertising (e.g. their website).