Update: Fred Monteith, executive secretary of the church’s Hamilton Conference has answered questions on the new effort.

Obviously, the more ‘controversial’ or ‘risqué’ an advertising campaign is, the more attention it garners. But the risk (assuming it does not get banned) is that it will not appeal to those it is intended for.

The United Church of Canada has apparently started a campaign to at least provoke debate and hopefully encourage church attendance. The adverts themselves encourage readers to join a website discussion. The ads can be seen on wondercafe.ca.

One advert asks>

“How fun can sex be before it’s a sin?”

Whether or not these cross the line, they seem to be having some immediate impact, as the website crashed under the page views. But on closer examination most of the posters to the discussion forums seem to either be Christians or church-attenders, rather than the unchurched or seekers. It will be interesting to see how successful this is in the long-term.