Judging by the amount of comment on blogs surrounding the recent election in the US, I could forgiven for thinking that the results were more important than they actually were. I have actually stopped reading some blogs in the last week because of the comments that have been made. However, now it is over, Christianity Today has a comment on the election, which makes a lot of sense;

Many American evangelicals have forgotten that other Americans, who belong to another political party, are our brothers and sisters. The world now follows our politics on television. As the world’s peoples observe the deceitful, “Swift-Boating”, character-assassinating campaign tactics that now pass for “the American (political) way”, the American democratic experiment is perceived, less and less, as a model for other nations to copy. If evangelical Christians do not call campaign obscenity by its right name, and intervene in campaigns whenever necessary, who will?

Although reading the short biography at the bottom, perhaps those with a different opinion will disagree?