Here is a short article looking at different churches and how they used their church members to promote their church.

Instead of relying on the church sign, the yellow pages or an advert in the local paper, these churches have used other techniques:

  • Large advertising hoarding (billboard): instead of small adverts, use large billboards to promote the church on a main road. I am not convinced this would work in some areas, I guess it depends where it is situated.
  • Door-to-door: we have used this at our church, and it is good from the point of view of seeing people face-to-face and making sure that every home in the area has at least had a leaflet.
  • Neutral events/concerts: Instead of trying to get people through the doors at worship services, use neutral events to allow them to meet Christians. This is a good idea, but it is expensive and requires a lot of planning. Also the events have to be good quality and decent otherwise the whole thing could just be a cringe-fest.

Not many small churches have a marketing director or even an outreach co-ordinator, but rather than just waiting for people to come through the door, there is plenty for churches to try in trying to obey the Great Commission.