Yesterday we had a church meeting. It was the usual thrice yearly meeting, to assess and review the various aspects of our fellowship just to ensure everyone knew what was happening. The meeting proceeded according to the agenda and discussions continued with regards Christmas services etc. and the fortnightly door-to-door outreach.

But then ‘G’ commented on the large amount of weekly activities that there are. After that there was a discussion on how the church can reach out more into the community. It was suggested that as a church we cut down on some weekly events and instead focus more thoroughly on evangelism, since people had no more room in their current schedules for further activities.

This naturally led to people promoting the (albeit low-key) evangelistic credentials of the various events that occur. Such as the parent and toddler groups, men’s breakfast etc. that all have non-Christians attending.

But ‘G’ then asked the question; ‘if we are doing the right thing and we are right with God, why isn’t the church growing?’ There was no answer to this, but it had people puzzling. Several people suggested that a time of growth would be coming.

‘E’ then said that growth would only come by the grace of God, and as long as the members lived spirit-filled lives then the rest was up to God. But I still think that this needs to be coupled with a deliberate outreach programme and each Christian taking the opportunities that God gives them.