Following the post last week of a church (or some members) who felt aggrieved that they generosity was taken advantage of, a church in has given giofts to 3 youths on trial for trespass, theft and vandalism.

Jason Reimer, said:

The judge will give them consequences, but as a congregation we want to reach out and extend love and mercy to them. A lot of us, whether we’re churchgoers or not, have been in their shoes before and have made some bad choices. But God forgives us.

Some of the comments left on the article speak of it being wrong to reward crime, and that it will only encourage others to try. But the fact remains that the 3 are on trial and likely to get criminal records which will cause them problems as they try to get work etc. The church is just trying to demonstrate with deeds as well as words that they forgive them.

Found (again) via: Christdot.