In terms of attendance, the Pentecostal movement is now ahead of the Methodist church in the UK. Although this statistical analysis is slightly unfair to the Methodists as the Pentecostal churches belong to several different groups of churches and others are independent of each other rather than being centralised like the Methodist church.

They article compares the two churches and reduces this the distinctions to two: the ethic make-up of the two churches and speaking in tongues. Our church has an Elim Pentecostal trained minister (who is white) and our church is very mixed in terms of the ethnic backgrounds of those attending and so we do not fit the type of Pentecostal church described in the article.

I believe there is a hunger for Christians of all backgrounds for genuine church community and Christ-led service regardless of the church, but in discussions of Pentecostals only two things are ever mentioned, ethnicity and glossolalia (speaking in tongues).

Found via: Ruth Gledhill