As every old-school web designer knows, your latest greatest creation may look great on your 1600×1200 32bit LCD screen on the latest version of firefox, but that is no guarantee that it will be readable, let alone look as you designed on other web browser and system configurations.

It is therefore, a good idea to test your website in multiple browsers, because you need to make sure it works in as many of them as possible. That way, you do not need to worry about which browser has the highest market share because you have tailored you site to all browsers.

Of course, you could install multiple internet browsers and adjust your screen size. But a new website called aims to change all that by giving web designers quick and dirty screen shots of your site on 22 (at the current count including versions of firefox, safari, internet explorer, flock, epiphany, opera and many other) browsers and other selectable preferences (such as screen size, java, swf, pdf). It then posts the screen shots for you to view.

It is not a perfect solution, as there is no interaction with the browser, but it is a good place to start and at least gives you an idea if the layout is acceptable.

Found via: If Jesus had a website