Update: please see comments for a comment by Kelvin Woolmer himself.

On the London 2012 update blog is an entry from Reverend Kelvin Woolmer, the chaplain responsible for the welfare of the construction workers. He is the new vicar at the local parish where the development site is. He does not need to push his views down people’s throats, as he is being a Christian serving God in his challenging workplace.

The idea isn’t to preach – I do that at St Paul’s on a Sunday, but for the rest of the week my job is to listen and to try to help, regardless of an individual’s religious background. I’m approached by people of all faiths and none. My opening line is “you know I’m a Christian,” but it almost never matters.

My Grandfather was a chaplain in the British army after the second world war, serving with forces in Malay (now part of Malaysia) and Germany. Although I never spoke to him about his experiences before his premature death, I know that he found his work challenging and rewarding.

Evangelicals can be stereotypically viewed (or want to be viewed) as on the cutting edge for evangelism and the established church as dated and irrelevent, but Christian chaplains from the Anglican church probably have more contact with people who do not attend church than any evangelical most full-time pastors with large congregations.