Over at the God & Geeks podcast they are beginning a series on using Drupal for your church’s website.

Our hope in this series is to help churches and ministries learn enough about drupal to get the basics, install it, get a site up and running…Then be able to maintain it without anything getting out of control.

. As a blogging tool, wordpress cannot be beaten, but it only has limited ability as a content management platform. Drupal on the other hand, is an extremely powerful content management system or CMS that goes far beyond blogging, and is generally considered to have a steeper learning curve than wordpress or other blogging tools.

Drupal isn’t for everyone, but it is an option for churches with greater technical expertise at their disposal. Go and have a listen to the podcast to see for yourself.

Update: Episode 10 (the final episode) of the series mentioned above has now been posted online, and there is a link to each of the episodes in the series.