Church websites can be pretty bland, with all the service and regular meeting information. Of course, this information is relevant to members, but not particularly to seekers. But what better way to give the site a human feel and connect with people, than testimonies from church members. Short statements with photographs dotted around the site, is a great way to ensure that the church is clearly identified as a body of real people.

Well to make it easier, and to encourage more people to share their testimonies online (on a church website or not), Justin Carboneau has created the website He has also created a widget that allows a church website (or other website) to show testimonies directly on their site. This makes it simple for churches to incorporate.

From a chain of connected sites, it seems that a church in Yorkshire has seen a positive impact from putting testimonies on its site. To the extent that it has seen a number of completely unchurched visitors who came because they found the site.

Speaking of testimonies, here is one in the Guardian from last yesterday of Premiership footballer, Linvoy Primus:

“I know that, win, lose or draw, life will still carry on,” he said. “I do my job properly and to the best of my ability because God wouldn’t want me to misuse the gift he has given me.”

Found via: If Jesus had a website