At Church Central there is an article on current trend to rename churches and what might be achieved by this. Although this has been discussed before and no doubt will be discussed again, it makes some interesting points.

Changing your name […] may attract people who are interested in more contemporary worship experience or something new.
Usually, however, these people tend to be Christians who already are involved in church but are bored with the worship experience there. Research […] shows that 81 percent of the previously unchurched did not let the name of a church influence their decision to visit.

A local church to where we live, removed ‘congregational’ and replaced it with ‘community’, but local people and certainly local Christians (at other churches) still refer to it as ‘The Congs’. To other ears, the name just sounds bland.

At the end of the day, the name should not matter a great deal, but rather the people and how they interact with local people.

On a side note, I found this article on rebranding the Protestant church in Germany. But the article is striking because it suggests the problem for the church is money and dwindling numbers, and that is the reason it is reaching out, rather than any commandment of Jesus. (Of course, this is probably the way the journalist has spun the article).