Christians working in secular jobs (most Christians I would imagine) can often find it difficult to talk about Christianity and their faith directly with their colleagues. This can be for many reasons, including the need to get on and do some work! This led me to wonder how specifically Christians witness at work, and whether witnessing with behaviour has any effect.

I wonder about this because of a sermon given at our church recently made me think that maybe things had changed since the pastor’s generation. For myself, not being part of the office lottery syndicate and not swearing identifies me as different more than perhaps they would have in previous generations.

I wonder if anyone else has had an experience like this, where people have asked about your behaviour and you were surprised? Of course, not gambling is just good common sense, and not definitively Christian, so people would still need to talk to me to find out why I didn’t gamble.

Casino Cartoon

Topical cartoon by Dave Walker. (Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons)

Update: There is a follow-up post to this called ‘witnessing at work‘.