If you have gone to the effort of creating a church website, and you know who the potential users are, don’t you think you ought to advertise and promote it? Here are 4 ideas to do just that.

  1. Church stationery: Make sure that the churches website address is on all the letterheads and at the bottom of any emails sent out by church staff.
  2. Church bulletins: The Sunday handout is what every visitor on Sunday will take home. Putting the webaddress here improves the chances of these participators visiting the site.
  3. Church announcements: Get the pastor or church leader to make periodic announcements encouraging people to visit the website.
  4. On the Internet: And for your church to be found in a web search, the search engines need to know about your site. Here are some ways in which you can raise your churches visibility online:
    • Links: Get everyone in the church who has a personal website to link to the church, there may not be many links, but without inbound links, search engines will have trouble finding it.
    • Church directories: There are many church directories located on the internet, make sure you are listed in each of them so that anyone looking for a church can find you. Perhaps the best one is the Open Directory Project as it is known google uses this as a starting point for spidering the web. Also, the description used on the ODP is sometimes used as a description in the google search results.
    • Church supplier links: Many service providers (e.g. auditors) of the church have websites and would be pleased to link to their clients (such as you). Anyone looking at the public record already knows they work for you.

These are just a few (four) ideas for promoting your site so that you do not let your hard work go to waste!