Presumably all Christians wonder if they are at the ‘right’ church. This can be because they feel they are being left behind if everything is moving along without them, or more probably that they think the church does not meet their needs.

Brian Mayfield tackles this by asking whether the fault lies with the person not the church. He quotes Hebrews 5 and uses the metaphor of ‘being fed’ by the church or the Christian using the fork to feed themselves;

Considering this, it makes me wonder: Could it be that so many get to this place of feeling they’re not ‘being fed’ be due to the fact that we haven’t taught them well enough how to feed themselves? Should we have new classes in church like Feeding: 101 and Using Your Own Fork? Seriously. Should it be reduced to this?

Perhaps in our culture today, it is still hard to get out from the idea of the church as service provider.

Update on 21 February 2007: There is a follow up post on being fed called ‘kill your iPod’, which relates to creativity. When we are constantly being fed (for instance television, music entertainment), our creativity suffers. I guess that must be true for churches as well. In the respect of congregants being constantly fed and not doing the thing themselves. God wants us to be creative in our worship (all forms) rather than stagnant.