David Kenney in Relevant Magazine has written an interesting article on his friends leaving the church. He writes:

Recently some friends my age left the church that I go to, and I have to say; I felt kind of slighted by the whole thing. Now they are going to a different church, and I am sure they have their reasons. But it just feels like it wasn’t just the church they left: it feels like they left me. The next time I saw them, I asked how things were going, but ultimately I really wanted to know why they had moved on.

His comments are interesting in respect of the idea that church members expect to ‘be fed’ when they attend church and the rights and wrongs of that.

Andrew Rigg has also posted this week on another aspect of this, when churches actively try to poach members from other local congregations. How is a pastor meant to deal with this and how should they feel. There are also some interesting comments to this post that are worth reading.

And yesterday, on the slightly different topic of people leaving the established church, but not to another church, but to communal living, Andrew Jones has posted on Leaving Church. This is in relation to missional living and taking the emphasis of church away from buildings. He writes;

If you live in the UK and have left the church, but have not abandoned the body of Christ and still want you and your friends to be a part of God’s mission and party, send me an email to let me know who you are and a link to your website if you have one. We are putting together a website that will be dedicated to empowering people like you to be the church where you are