As a follow-up post to ‘Using the church for secular marketing’, there is an article specifically on using the fish symbol prominently as part of a business logo and the effect this has on Christian consumers.

He noticed a familiar and welcome image on the sign posted at the business: a stylized fish, a commonly used symbol to denote Jesus Christ.

The identification of Jesus with a fish traces to the first centuries of the church. The Christian connotation stems in large measure from the use of ‘ichthus’ [or ‘icthyus’] the Greek word for fish, as an acrostic for the phrase “Jesus Christ God’s Son is Saviour.”

Ichthys Jesus fish symbol Clearly the use of the fish symbol divides opinion. On the one hand the Christian businessperson is showing their faith extends to all areas of their life. But it can so easily be seen as a gimmicky marketing ploy. After all the symbol is not exactly ‘proof’ of someone’s faith or religious status.