We produce the weekly bulletin or newsletter at our church and have had a weekly information sheet for the last 2 years or so. And one problem we have had is when to set the deadline for submissions.

Our church does not have a photocopier on site (we are only small). This means copying the newsletter before the Sunday service at 10am is not an option. So we would like to set the deadline for submissions on Thursday evening, so that we can use Friday or Saturday to get to the reprographics shop or even the library.

But this poses a problem as it means that come Sunday as the church handout is potentially 3 days out of date. Three days is not much for a monthly bulletin, but for a weekly one it is nearly half the week.

If we set the deadline to Friday night then this is better, but it means we are putting pressure on the copier to get it done on Saturday, when there could be other things planned.

At the moment, we produce it on Sunday morning and it is printed out on a home laser printer, which works out cheaper than the copier shop or library in any case. The main reason for this, is that the Pastor does not send through his information and writing until Saturday evening.

I suppose if people actually looked at the church website for updates, then producing the bulletin on Friday would not be such a problem…

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