Cartoonchurch book at Wesley Owen Last week we were at Spring Harvest in Minehead and as I was wandering around the ‘mobile’ Wesley Owen Bookshop that they set up at these conferences, I noticed ‘The Dave Walker Guide to the Church’ and I suddenly felt convicted because I had not reviewed or even made comment on this excellent book.

If you have not read it, then I suggest you get a copy pronto, as the cartoons are insightful and extremely funny. One cartoon that particularly sticks out in my mind is of Dave’s analysis of saying the ‘grace’ (2 Corinthians 13:14), when he examines the two schools of thought on this ritual.

Aside: as you can see from the photo, it was on the ‘fiction’ stand, maybe not the most appropriate category, but at least it was on a central table. I was brave enough to prop the book up, so that others could see it more easily, but I did not have enough courage to move it to the ‘speaker recommendation table’.