Over the past year, the bible translations I have most been using have been the English Standard Version (ESV) for Sunday School and web quotes and Today’s New International Version (TNIV) for personal reading. This compares to being brought up on a the New International Version (NIV).

But I find difficult is if the translation is not Anglicised, i.e. Commonwealth or British English. Although it shouldn’t matter, I find it very off-putting when words are spelt in a way I am not used to, honor instead of honour, counselor instead of counsellor, savior instead of saviour and others.

But reading Philippians last week, I came across garbage in my Anglicised TNIV. It should have read ‘rubbish’ as my Anglicised NIV says. Is this a mistake?

Phillippians 3:8b;

Anglicised NIV: I consider them rubbish, that I may gain Christ…

Anglicised TNIV: I consider them garbage, that I may gain Christ…

But looking further, I see that the non-Anglicised NIV has ‘rubbish’ and not garbage. This means that in updating the NIV with the TNIV, they have chosen to replace ‘rubbish’ with ‘garbage’. This may work for US English, but it does not work for British English. There is no way I could stand at the front of church and use ‘garbage’, I would have to change it. I consider this an error.

And reading, on the Better Bibles Blog, I see that there are many differences with the British English TNIV.