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Why is this blog here?

After spending considerable time designing/building/maintaining a church website, the author of this blog has learnt some lessons that need to be told so that others can hopefully avoid making the same mistakes.

The author also found there was a lack of practical advice for church website managers and church blogs specifically and the author wanted to try and remedy this.

As well as this, when looking at churches use of websites questions arise relating to evangelism, religious ethics and the church’s place in society which will occasionally be commented on.

There is also information on the this page describing the purpose of this website.

What is ‘the church’, what is ‘church’?

The word ‘church’ has many meanings, but for the sake of brevity, this blog takes the meaning as follows;

  1. A local group of believers, or;
  2. A larger group of believers, including the entire body of believers

This definition is about people and not primarily about a structure or building.

Commenting, contributing and links

Please comment, all comments are gratefully received whether they be long or short. Please note however that comments not directly related to the post in question may be removed or edited at the discretion of the writer.

The author is not interesting in profiting from this blog, either now or in the future. Nor are they in the business of trying to preserve ‘link-value’. Therefore, all blogs on a Christian or church related subject may be linked to, no matter how new.

Please do not take a link from this blog, even in the blogroll to mean approval or endorsement of any particular view. Please apply a degree of scepticism and discernment to all that is read on this blog and elsewhere on the Internet.

Information on this blog

The typeface used in the header graphic is Narkisim from the monotype corporation, and the graphic itself was created in the GIMP.

The blog is hosted on wordpress.com

Detail on the writers

David, this blog’s founder, is a Christian, and used to attend church at Whyteleafe Free Church but because of a move has started going to Redhill Baptist Church. He wishes you to know that he is UK based, but not out of a sense of national pride, but to differentiate himself from those blogging on the North American continent.

Chris has recently joined the churchblogger team and his bio can be found here, along with his introductory post.

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