Some questions relating to setting up a church website with WordPress;

What are the wordpress hosting options?

Choosing between a WordPress server install on our own server, or going for a site.

Are there any themes ready made for churches available?

Yes, several. There are themes from LivingOS which are directly related to churches.

How can I change the ‘look’ of the church website?

There are some tips on styling your church website especially in relation to WordPress themes and some further information on CSS.

How can I put a map on my church website to help people find the church?

I recommend using a plugin for embedding maps in pages and posts called GeoPress.

Also, Google now allows embedding of maps, which can be done much more easily than using a plugin and work for all websites.

How can I monitor who is visiting the website?

There are many website statistics packages available, which give information such as: who is linking to the church website; what pages people are looking at; and what links people are clicking on when they leave the site.

I recommend Google Analytics and stats. Both of which can easily be set up on a church wordpress site (via plugins).

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