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I use Google+ to automatically backup my photos from my Android phone and it works very well.  It also backs up my videos as well, which is fine for small family clips, but why doesn’t it back them up to Youtube or give me a choice to back them up as (initially hidden) Youtube videos?

That way, if I then want to upload the video to Youtube to monetise it, I need to re-upload it, which seems like a waste of everyone’s resources.


I have a work email address, that is hosted on Google Apps for Business and I have a personal email address that is also hosted on Google Apps.

I have a Google+ account that is linked to my personal address, but I don’t want to set up another Google+ account for my work address, I just want one Google+ account.

Suggestion to Google: let me link the two email addresses together under one Google+ profile, so that anything shared with my work address or anyone who has my work address in their address book can find my proper Google+ account easily.